River Table Small

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Customer Reviews

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Isabella Hayes
What sets this table apart is its captivating design.

The swirling patterns of the blue resin mimic the gentle flow of a river, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. Every time I gaze at the table, I find myself tracing the intricate patterns with my eyes. The balance between the natural wood and the vibrant resin is harmonious, making it a perfect centerpiece that sparks conversations and draws everyone's attention.

Nora Thompson
It has truly exceeded my expectations.

The construction of the table is flawless, with the artisan's skill shining through every inch. The river-like resin feature running through the wooden surface is absolutely mesmerizing, adding a unique and artistic touch to the overall aesthetic. The quality of the materials used is evident, as the table feels solid and sturdy.

Rachel Chiu
Natural beauty!

This river table has added a unique and natural touch to my living space, and I appreciate the craftsmanship that went into its creation.

Elliot Reid
Fantastic desktop.

This is a stunning table top, well made and beautiful design. I am extremely pleased with the quality and design of this table top. The blue epoxy is extremely striking and catches the light very beautifully.

I'm Pretty Impressed

I am actually pretty impressed with the veneer walnut table top. For the price, I am really happy. I live in a condo and the size is great. Colour is good and hides dust well. Table has a good finish, and a simple damp paper toilet/micro fibre cloth cleans it beautifully.
Legs are metal and purchased from another company. I used 5/8” inch wood screws with an impact drill