Reclaimed Wood Table Tops: Why They Are Popular

Reclaimed wood table tops have become increasingly popular amongst Canadians in recent years as people are starting to appreciate the unique qualities of well-crafted, eco-friendly furniture. Reclaimed wood is strong and durable; it boasts a natural look that can fit within any home style or decor, and it's possible to make your one-of-a-kind item using reclaimed wood. In addition, using reclaimed wood has a significant environmental benefit because it diverts excellent lumber from being wasted and reused instead. Whether you're looking for a way to add natural charm to your living space or make a sustainability-conscious purchase for your home, this post will explain why reclaimed wood tables quickly become the go-to choice among Canadian households.

What Reclaimed Wood Is, And Where It Comes From

Reclaimed wood has been taken from an older structure and repurposed for use in a new application. It is commonly obtained from shipwrecks, historical structures such as bridges, old-growth forests, industrial or rural warehouses, cigar boxes and wine barrels. Reclaimed wood can be a wide range of species – oak, maple, pine, chestnut – among other species – depending on the source. Not only does architectural reclaimed wood have environmental benefits – reduced energy consumption and landfill waste - but its visible physical characteristics possess increased value due to their aesthetics, texture and colour that comes from being rustic in nature.

The Benefits Of Using Reclaimed Wood In Furniture And Home Decor

Installing furniture and decor made from reclaimed wood can provide a warm, vintage feel to any home. A reclaimed veneer is a great option for those looking to achieve this feeling without committing fully to solid wood. This veneer is cut in thin layers and bonded onto pieces of new wood before being refinished, allowing for the cost-effective use of salvaged wood. For those seeking the look and feel of solid wood aged or distressed due to its previous use, it is not easy to match real reclaimed wood in its natural state. The character of reclaimed woods such as oak and pine make them stand out from their modern counterparts, adding a hint of rustic charm wherever they are used.

Environmental Impacts Of Using Reclaimed Wood Table Tops

Reclaimed wood table tops can be an excellent use of natural resources and a great way to add character to any space. Taking wood that is otherwise discarded provides an environmentally friendly option to those interested in furnishing their homes. While some argue the potential impacts of using reclaimed wood table tops, their eco-friendly advantage should be seriously considered. Aside from manufacturing new wood products which involve harvesting and milling trees, other processes such as kiln drying could result in more energy being used. In comparison, reclaimed woods often only require light processing to make them ready for indoor use. By opting for reused materials, individuals can repurpose materials and keep them out of landfills. Choosing reused materials such as reclaimed wood table tops when it comes time to furnish a home or business space can go a long way towards reducing their environmental imprint while still providing outstanding results.

How To Care For A Reclaimed Wood Table Top

Taking care of a reclaimed wood table top requires some special attention. To ensure the longevity and beauty of this unique surface, you should not allow liquids to come into contact with it. Regularly wiping your work surface down with a damp cloth is recommended. You may also opt for further protection by applying a furniture oil or paste wax, adding layer of protection against spills and fingerprints. Be warned that light colours, such as white, can quickly be stained if they are not sealed adequately before regular usage. Plenty of sealants available at your local hardware stores can provide suitable protection against spills, stains and the like. In addition, when it comes to maintenance and cleaning of the surface, always use natural items such as vinegar and olive oil to gently clean without abrasive damage to the table top itself.

Popular Styles Of Reclaimed Wood Table Tops

Reclaimed wood table tops have become increasingly popular for desktops, coffee tables, and dining tables due to their unique aesthetic and added character. Reclaimed wood has gained immense popularity over the last few years because it carries a piece of history, making each desk top or table top one-of-a-kind. By using reclaimed wood, not only can you make a statement but also contribute to sustainable living. Natural finishes bring out the distinct grain patterns of different timber types, creating stunning desktops. In contrast, distressed finishes bring added texture that is perfect for a farmhouse-style kitchen. Rustic-style dining tables also make beautiful additions to outdoor patios or garden spaces. Reclaimed wood table tops are truly a way to transform any space with character and something special.

Examples Of How To Use A Reclaimed Wood Table Top In Your Home

Reclaimed wood table tops can add genuine character and rustic appeal to any space - from ultra-modern live-edge designs to rustic farmhouse style. They make a great statement piece for the living room, providing a warm and natural look. Place your reclaimed wood table near an archway or wall mirror to create a focal point in the corner of your kitchen. You could even use it as an island that serves as a countertop and dining area for entertaining guests. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to using reclaimed wood tables in your home decor!

Final Thoughts

Opting for reclaimed wood table tops is an excellent way to reduce your environmental footprint and create a unique style within any space. With the right care and maintenance procedures in place, these tables can last for decades. Whether you prefer natural or distressed finishes, plenty of options will suit your home decor needs. Reclaimed wood has gained immense popularity over recent years due to its character and charm - so why not make a statement with this sustainable material? Reclaiming old materials from living rooms to kitchens and outdoor patios is one of the best ways to add personality while reducing waste!